Lucid Ventures is a venture capital platform with a diversified range of tax efficient funds supporting the growth of entrepreneurial activity in South Africa.

We manage the Growth Fund, our original fund focussed on supporting successful entrepreneurs, and we are now excited to launch our Hotel Fund. These are all Sec 12J companies and registered with SARS as Venture Capital Companies.

The Lucid team works closely with the Investment Committee, Advisory Board, and Principals of each fund to maximise value for our extensive investor base.

“Welcome to Lucid Ventures, it’s about time we (South Africans) got with the programme and started taking Venture Capital seriously. Our country needs it badly. There’s no debate that the future of our economy (and hence our future, full stop) hinges heavily on the formation and growth of new businesses. We definitely can’t rely on government nor big business which, aided by technology and in desperate search for efficiency, are net destroyers of jobs.

Our belief is that successful entrepreneurs, not financial engineers, are the best people to be driving venture capital by sharing knowledge and experience and of course allocating capital. That’s why we’ve curated a power group who ooze entrepreneurial energy and have a deep desire to help build this economy

A few years back National Treasury came up with Section 12J – a remarkable albeit complex piece of legislation that generously incentivises investment in Venture Capital. Our intention is to use and not abuse this legislation, and to build a portfolio of VC funds covering a spectrum of entrepreneurial endeavours.

Thank you for your interest in Lucid. I hope that in some way you will join the entrepreneurial movement.

All the best,
Gidon Novick